Aladdin Food Management Catering Protocols
Des Moines University
During COVID-19 Outbreak

Provide a safe and healthy environment during catering events during COVID-19 outbreak.

Uphold strict standards for food safety, as well as guest and employee safety. Implement measures to prevent and contain the spread of illness.

Catering Employees
Aladdin will closely monitor our employees’ health. Upon entering the building to work, all catering employees will have their temperature taken and be asked a series of questions regarding travel or symptoms. (Immediate reporting of illness required of all management and employees. If diagnosed with coronavirus, this must be reported immediately.)

Aladdin will provide catering employees with a disposable mask and gloves, freshly laundered apron and catering shirt. Thorough, frequent hand-washing and disposable gloves and masks must be worn by the servers during all events. (Aladdin will provide the appropriate PPE equipment as recommended by CDC and/or outlined by state and local health requirements and client requests.)

Catering Employees will be trained in social distancing, appropriate use of PPE equipment and hand-washing. School opening/ongoing Employee bulletin boards will be enhanced to provide posters regarding glove, mask, hand-washing and appropriate cleaning measures. Aladdin will continue to train and in-service employees regarding the proper protocols established by CDC, local authorities and regulations for COVID-19 and food safety. We will educate our staff of the symptoms of COVID-19 and display posters stating information and guidelines required.

Protocols for Events

Pre-Event Setup:

Cleaning and Presentation - Aladdin will clean and sanitize all surfaces (guest tables) prior to the event. Tables will then be covered with clean cloths. All catering equipment will be cleaned and sanitized prior to use. Hand Sanitizer will be present at all events.

Spacing - Aladdin, in conjunction with Des Moines University, will decide on the number of guests that will be allowed in certain areas according to the formulas provided by Polk County Health Department and the CDC. Together we will reconfigure catering areas to allow for seating while adhering to social distancing guidelines and floors will be marked to designate traffic flow through buffet or reception lines. Signs regarding the social distancing guidelines will be displayed. Decisions will be made according to CDC/ Polk County guidelines.

During Event:

Setup - Each event will be set with the catering equipment needed to provide a safe and healthy environment for guests.

Catering Attendants - Servers will be provided for food and drink service in order to ensure that guest contact with food and drinks will be minimized. Servers will be required to wear disposable gloves and masks, as mentioned above, and required to follow the CDC / Greene County Guidelines to ensure proper food handling. In catering events requiring buffet or reception lines, catering servers will fill plates for the guests and hand them off to the guests at the end of the line. Portable Sneeze guards will be required for buffet lines, separating servers from guests. Drinks will also be served by catering attendants.

After Event:

Cleaning - All surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized after each event. This includes tables and any catering equipment that has been used.

Timing - Adequate time will allow for proper cleaning procedures and allow time to set up for next event.

Service Required for Each Event Type

Served Meals:

Numbers of guests will be within the occupancy formulas provided by the Green County Health Department and the CDC. Appropriate spacing for each guest table will also be required according to guidelines. Catering attendants will be required to follow the dress and guidelines listed above. Bread and drinks will be served by the catering attendants. Desserts will be preset on the table and wrapped for guest safety. Drink glasses and coffee cups will be preset on table, turned down and filled after guests have arrived. Tracking Sheet with guest’s names and phone numbers must be provided by each event coordinator.

Boxed Meals:

Self-contained meals that include packaged napkin, plastic and salt/pepper and bottled drinks will be dropped off at a certain location. Everything will be on disposables. The table that will display items will be properly sanitized before placing of the items. An attendant is not required to stay at these events. Tracking Sheet with guest’s names and phone numbers must be provided by each event coordinator.


Numbers of guests will be within the percentages provided by the Polk County Health Department and the CDC. Appropriate spacing for any guest tables will also be required according to guidelines. Catering attendants will be required to follow the dress and guidelines listed above. Each guest will stand in a line with 6ft spacing (areas marked on floor to provided guidelines, will be provided by Des Moines University’s Conference Service Team) and advance through the food and drink line to let servers know what items they prefer. Filled plate and drink will be handed to guest at the end of each line. Tracking Sheet with guest’s names and phone numbers must be provided by each event coordinator.

Snacks and Drinks:

All snacks must be wrapped. Some examples include: Home-made wrapped cookies or Brownies, Individual Cut Fruit or Veggie Cups, Individual Trail Mix Packets or pre-packaged Cookies, Chips or Crackers. All whole fruit will be wrapped. We cannot put out items on a tray for guests to self-serve. Drinks must be bottled. Disposable coffee service will be available. An attendant is not required.

Disclaimer: Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, EU Dining Services will be required to follow the guidelines given to us by the CDC and Polk County Health Department. This may require us to provide extra attendants to serve your food and could constitute an extra labor charge for your event. We will continue to educate ourselves and our team with the changing guidelines and information as this situation progresses. Thank you for understanding as we all navigate the “new normal”.